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Coming January 2024

And If I May Say So Myself, It Was Well Worth The Wait! ​



A NYC Baby Coach (aka Baby Nurse, aka Newborn Care Specialist) has written this book on newborn care for practical first-time-parents-to-be. The information shared in this book is based on my very own experiences. Experiences, I have acquired over a lifetime career, going in and out of the homes of all types of parents, caring for their newborn baby/, and caring for the newborn parents as well.

In this book, I share with you the truth about what really happens in the real world today. What most first time parents experience today, that leaves most new moms feeling like failures, anxious, stressed and totally overwhelmed. I have given my all, to arm “practical parents” with valuable tools, hoping that these tools will prepare both new parents for what is coming, for coming it is! Know what to expect and be prepared from very early on in your pregnancy for what (in my book) Is the most overwhelming and sensitive period of the pregnancy which it the “postpartum period” A period I believe affects not only the new mom but also the new dad. By early preparation, I truly believe that you both will be pleasantly surprised!

Some Dads have come a long way, no doubt! But, I advice those Dads on how much further they need to go and how much more there is for them to do. But, it all begins from the moment you know that your wife/partner is expecting, through when your newborn baby arrives and life begins at home with your precious nugget. Then, taking you through, the very emotional and difficult postpartum period.

Preparing early will prevent new parents from being shocked, because, in my opinion, first time parents to be are simply not told all the facts about what transpires ahead. But by being prepared, I assure you that you will minimize all those feelings of anxiety, stress and being totally overwhelmed during the postpartum period. Learn what the pros know but don’t share with first time parents-to-be till it’s too late, when they are home alone, then all hell hits the fan!

Comprehensive Newborn Care Plan

Begin your parenting adventure with confidence, thanks to our Comprehensive Newborn Care Plan. Our expert-led consultations provide you with a deep dive into infant care, customizing our approach to fit the distinct needs of your family. We’ll work together to forge a compassionate care strategy that supports your baby's early development stages.

Pediatric Wellness Program

Our Pediatric Wellness Program is designed to nurture your infant’s health from the very start. Leverage our wealth of expertise in baby nutrition, early childhood development, and calming methods. We provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to ensure a flourishing start for your newborn, laying the foundation for lifelong wellness.

Bespoke Nursery Design Services

Transform the arrival of your newborn into an event with our Bespoke Nursery Design Services. Dedicated to creating peaceful and stimulating environments, our team collaborates with you to conceive and curate a nursery that not only soothes your baby but also promotes sensory development. Together, we'll create a safe haven that your baby will adore.


A NYC Baby Nurse/Baby Coach with 43 years experience caring for newborns and new parents has written a book on newborn care for practical first time parents-to-be. I share with you the truth about what really happens in the real world and what you should expect when your newborn baby arrives and life begins at home with your newborn. Learn what the pros know but don’t share with first-time parents-to-be.

Clients Experience

“Absolutely invaluable service for new parents! The newborn baby care specialists were knowledgeable and nurturing. They provided us with great tips and support during those first few challenging weeks. Highly recommend!”

Jane Doe

First-Time Mom

I can't thank the baby care team enough! Their 24/7 service was a lifesaver for us as we navigated parenthood. They were professional, compassionate, and always available when we needed advice or assistance.

John Smith

Proud Dad

“The overnight care service was exceptional. The care providers were so gentle with our baby, and their help allowed us to get some much-needed rest. We felt completely at ease knowing our little one was in good hands.”

Emily Johnson

Mother of Twins

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