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Learn what the pros know but don’t share with first time parents to-be. This situation leaves new parents to find out on their own (the hard way) once they are home alone with their newborn baby…and then all hell breaks loose! This book is intended for practical first time moms and dads and parents-to-be who dare to live in the real world and want to cut through the misinformation by being armed with what they absolutely must know.

This book prepares you for the reality that 90% of moms face today from the moment their newborn baby arrives and life with baby begins. So if you are a practical mom who prides herself in being prepared, if you value the knowledge of a Baby Coach, aka baby nurse, aka newborn care specialist with a lifetime of experience, this book was written with you in mind. Oh, and grandparents? You’ll also benefit greatly from reading this book! Are you in?

I wrote this book for “practical” nervous, inexperienced first-time parents to be who welcome learning from a baby coach, the realities of parenthood as they happen in today’s modern world for at least the first couple of months which are the most nerve wracking to first time parents to-be. It guides you from the time your newborn arrives, through the first couple of months, which is the most crucial time in both the baby’s life and the inexperienced parents. Moms are overly emotional and overwhelmed due to the recent experiences lived and also due to their hormones who are doing a job on them as they overpower their minds and emotions.


This book gets real about the biggest challenges of newborn care. Yvette tells the whole truth about breastfeeding, sleep schedules, postpartum depression, the need for certain dads to be more involved by helping mom more when their newborn arrives, caregiving and of course, pampering and nurturing your magical little baby!

Yvette was born in Panama, Central America and grew up in Brooklyn, NY. She has lived in NYC since she was a baby herself but she is very proud to come from a country where greats like Mariano Rivera and other great baseball players and celebrities were born like Roberto Duran and Ruben Blades. She is a huge baseball fan, her favorite team of course is The New York Yankees! In her day,

Yvette is one of New York City’s most respected child care authorities. A highly experienced Baby Coach, aka Baby Nurse, aka Newborn Care Specialist who truly enjoys loving, caring and spoiling all newborn babies. Indeed, newborns are her passion and in her words, caring for the newborn baby never gets old!

Through books, Yvette hopes to coach first time parents to be, new parents and baby nurses, on how to take wonderful care of the newborn baby. She has written “Newborn Care Made Simple” based on her own experiences, to prepare expectant parents for all the joys and challenges of welcoming home a brand new baby and to prepare up and coming baby coaches to care safely and properly for the newborn baby and the newborn parents as well. Yvette, with her boundless warmth and wisdom, hopes to help new families meet the challenges of newborn care with confidence and joy. After caring for and paying attention to so many newborns, Yvette is eager to educate all nervous but practical first-time parents to be and new parents. Yvette will guide you safely over rocky terrain, down the right path to skillful newborn care.

Be truly confident in your knowledge and skills and enjoy the journey! Eileen E. Hegel

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