New Born Care Gps


Dads/Partners, have come a long way (no doubt). This is one of the things I love about this new generation. Still yet, some Dads/Partners need to be educated on how to treat a woman, once she becomes pregnant till the baby arrives, and even afterwards. So far, new dads have been made to believe that their main role is to help mom bring their newborn babies into the world. There is so much more that new dads can do. But again, how would you know this when no one told you this?

One thing that needs to be clear is that it takes two to make a baby, so it is only fitting that when the newborn arrives both parents must take care of the baby. I have often witnessed many dads not wanting to participate, not wanting to change a diaper, change clothes, bathe the baby or feed the baby. Both parents have to care for the newborn baby, taking turns; while one cares for the baby the other gets some rest. It’s a team effort, and though we have come a long way from back in the day when dads seldom had any involvement in newborn care, it still can be better. There are also some outstanding dads like these below.

Dads can make this time so much easier by trying to understand the role of hormones. Having a baby is the single most special event in the life of a woman, and being a father is the most special event for most dads. It should be a happy time for both parents, but for the new mother there can be sadness as well. Her hormones have changed dramatically so her body can perform the miraculous task of creating a baby. Her body is functioning differently, and so are her emotions.

You are a “TEAM” So, “Try” To walk in her shoes every day. When you see the shape your wife is in after delivering hers and your baby, it should come natural to any good man/husband/partner/dad to want to help in every way he can so his wife can get the proper rest and recover quickly. All you have to do is: Ask * Try To Understand * Communicate * Pamper & Spoil Her!

In my book, dad’s/partner’s role is huge and is key. I believe that if you take my advice, neither parent will experience the stress and anxiety the newest moms and dads experience today during the postpartum period.

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