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For First Time Parents-To-Be!

All babies come into the world with their own built-in personalities and perspectives; all we have to do is work with the baby to enhance what he or she brings naturally to their world.

David DeLott And Elena Shangina

By reading this handbook, you will gain the following:

The core of many problems with new parents and infants is exhaustion. Without structure and a regular schedule, your baby’s routine will be in disarray, and you will experience the same pandemonium until you correct the problem. Before you can achieve anything else with your newborn, you must set up a daily schedule that will establish the best habits from the moment your baby awakens, throughout the day, until your baby goes to sleep at night. This schedule will enable you to address the other areas of your baby’s care with focus and clarity.Your baby deserves the best that you can provide, which begins with well-rested and healthy parents. The only way to achieve this is to get your baby on a successful sleep routine from day one. It worked back in the day and it works today.

Yvette's Old Fashioned Philosophy

The lack of connection within today’s family unit is astounding. Consequently, new parents often feel isolated and overwhelmed while navigating the beginning stages of parenthood on their own. Quite often, parents run to the bookstore to purchase every book that may offer some guidance and preparation for their baby’s arrival.

However, today’s bookshelves are overflowing with parenting books that share many conflicting expert opinions, often leading new parents toward a crossroad of mass confusion. How can I become a good parent? Which expert has the most accurate advice? What should Ido?

This book can be a source of support to practical parents; knowing the facts will prevent you from feeling alone and overwhelmed,and its valuable tips will be helpful during a difficult situation.Of Course,this is not a medical book by any means,but it is common sense newborn care,simplified written by a caregiver to make caring for your newborn and the postpartum period less overwhelming.

The answer is easy – do not panic! Every new parent experience the same fears and uncertainty, which is normal. However, if you allow your anxiety to consume your rational thinking, you could potentially harm your precious newborn. Remember that your anxieties are transmitted to your baby.Babies need to feel safe and secure, and it is your job to rise to the occasion by trusting yourself. After reading the myriad of parenting books, and after all the advice received from advisers, you will find that the answers lie within you, your partner, and listening to your baby’s cues, believe it or not, they talk to you in their own way, you just have to pay attention and listen to them.

You can try choosing one or two books to use as a reference to guide you, I cannot tell you which book to buy, but I can assure you that this book is all about what most first-time parents experience today leading up to the moment their newborn arrives in this world.

Yvette Humphrey

For over two decades, we've specialized in newborn baby care, offering comprehensive support to families and their newest members. Our dedicated team has nurtured over 100 babies, providing tailored care that meets the individual needs of each child.

Teaching begins from day one

In my world, teaching begins from day one. The women in my life and yours, and those before them, achieved great things with their children in a time where there were no great advancements like today, and they got their children to do what worked for the household. They were successful by teaching them the right way from the day they arrived and without schedules, but through what was a natural routine that worked for the mom and lifestyle. Anything you set out to do with the baby, as long as he or she is healthy and thriving, can be accomplished, but you both have to plan in order to accomplish anything with the newborn baby.

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The first thing that needs to be clear is that it takes two to make a baby, so it is only fitting that when the newborn arrives both parents must take care of the baby. I have often witnessed many dads not wanting to participate, not wanting to change a diaper, change clothes, bathe the baby or feed the baby. Both parents have to care for the newborn baby, taking turns; while one cares for the baby the other gets some rest. It’s a team effort, and though we have come a long way from back in the day when dads seldom had any involvement in newborn care, it still can be better.

The Birth Of A Child Is A Wonderful And Enriching Experience, Regardless Of Whether You Have Your Own Or You Adopt But It Can Also Be A DIFFICULT TIME OF ADJUSTMENT. THIS IS PARTICULARLY TRUE FOR:​


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