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I’d love to hear from you if you are a: “Practical” “Warm” “Down To Earth” “Easy Going” “Fair” “Communicative” Mom. You can rest assured that if you go by my awesome clients and their references, you will get a real “Pro” caring for your newborn baby, also for you and Dad as well as your “Pet” if you have one especially a “Dog”… If you want a baby coach/baby nurse/newborn care specialist that is going to do pirouettes and skip and hop around the house, I am not the one for you but if you don’t mind a grandma type baby nurse who is a step or two slower than how she once was but one that still has a lot left in her tank, then we can make this work.

For the most part certain moms want a highly experienced baby nurse but once they get her they want to challenge her, I tell you right now, that I am not the one for that, I know what I know and I am happy to teach all that I know but the mom has to be willing to learn from a Baby/Mommy & Daddy Coach… Together, we can make this work!

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A Very “Loving” “Happy” “Highly Experienced” Baby Coach/Baby Nurse/Newborn Care Specialist & Postpartum Doula For “Mom”

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